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Memory Rug ‘Mar 12′

eaf4ecaa10dc611a10f95d0d53cfd334Having recently discovered the art of rug making using the toothbrush method, on the loss of my mother-in-law, I decided to make a large memory rug.

The rug was made up with lots of old clothes which were torn into strips and stitched into the rug. This is a twist on the old rag rug which now takes centre stage in our kitchen.



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Wedding Guest Signature Quilt ‘May 14′

029Just started work on the ‘Wedding Guest Signature Quilt’. Started off with a mix of pastel and floral cotton fabrics which I plan to incorporate around a central panel with the initials of the happy couple and wedding date.

Applique lettering is in a tweed to match the groom’s suit.

Time to get cutting and stitching…. Continue reading

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Name Bunting ‘Oct 14′

Bunting‘Scrappy Bunting’ created from some pretty fabrics pieced together in a patchwork style with denim applique lettering. A pretty addition to any little girl’s bedroom.

If anyone is interested in a quilt for their wedding, please contact me.

This would be a great projected to incorporate your special fabrics.

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