Wedding Guest Signature Quilt ‘May 14′

029Just started work on the ‘Wedding Guest Signature Quilt’. Started off with a mix of pastel and floral cotton fabrics which I plan to incorporate around a central panel with the initials of the happy couple and wedding date.

Applique lettering is in a tweed to match the groom’s suit.

Time to get cutting and stitching….

035The polka dot pastel squares will each be written on by the guests who can leave a permanent message for their hosts. Each of the pastel squares comes up 4″ square with a 1″ floral border.

With only a few days to go I have just finishing the ‘stitching in the ditch’ around each of the signature squares using various pastel threads that will make for a more interesting quilt back.038

Almost there with the finished quilt. Can’t wait to hand it over to the bride for her wedding at Crow Hill, Marsden.

Can’t wait to see the wedding photos….

If anyone is interested in a quilt for their wedding, please contact me.

This would be a great projected to incorporate your special fabrics.

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